The ASID Foundation advances the profession and practice of interior design though inspired research and vital financial support. Our Transform grant program has helped explore such important issues as workplace collaboration, productivity, and trends in this dynamic industry. From more than $60,000 in grants and scholarships, to facilitating over ten million dollars in donated services annually to those in need, the ASID Foundation believes in the power of design. Together, we can restore dignity, celebrate heritage and preserve culture. Simply click below to help transform lives in countless ways.

To best suit your needs, a range of Planned Giving methods are available to donors who would like to include the ASID Foundation in their estate/financial planning. Some of the benefits of proper planning are

•    Bypassing capital gains tax on appreciated property

•    Increasing your current income

•    Reducing current income taxes

•    Receiving a charitable income tax deduction

  1.    Reducing federal estate taxes

  2.    Conserving future assets for your loved ones

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*The ASID Foundation is unable to accept gifts of equipment, gems, artwork or real estate.

Cash is the most popular way of making a gift. Please make checks payable to the ASID Foundation.

ASID Foundation
1152 15 St., NW 
Ste. 910
Washington, D.C. 20005

ASID Foundation Giving Levels

Heritage Circle:

Cumulative giving history of $500,000+

Chairman’s Circle:

Cumulative giving history of $50,000 - $499,999+

President’s Circle:

Cumulative giving history of $10,000 - $49,999

Platinum ($5,000 - $9,999)

Gold ($2,500 - $4,999)

Silver ($1,000 - $2,499)

Bronze ($500 - $999)

Patrons ($250 - $499)

Benefactors ($101 – 249)

Friends ($25 - $100)

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Planned Giving - The Legacy Society

Gifts of Cash

Tribute Gifts
Tribute gifts, given in the name of a loved one, are unique expressions of thoughtfulness. At the ASID Foundation, there are two types of tribute gifts: Honor and Memorial gifts.

An honor gift recognizes a person on a special occasion, such as a birthday, wedding or anniversary.

A memorial gift offers a meaningful way to pay lasting tribute to the memory of a loved one while also extending sympathy to the family.

If you would like your loved one, or their family, to receive a special acknowledgment that recognizes the honoree and the donation, please notify us with the appropriate contact information. The amount of your gift remains confidential.

Matching Gifts
Please remember to ask your employer if they will match your charitable gift.

Tribute Gifts

We-Care allows online shoppers to contribute to the ASID Foundation when an individual shops at hundreds of participating merchants — at no cost to to the donor! The Reminder is a browser extension for Internet Explorer and Firefox. It takes less than a minute to set up, and then it keeps on giving!

How to set up the We-Care Reminder:

1. Go to and download the We-Care Reminder. (Then forget about it.)

2. When you visit a participating merchant, you'll be asked if you want a portion of your purchase donated.

3. Click "Yes," and a donation will be made — without taking a penny from your wallet.

It only takes a few clicks, so please get started right away. Just visit

Shop Responsibly and

Support the ASID Foundation

“I included the ASID Foundation as a beneficiary in my estate plan because I wanted to give back to the organization that supported me throughout my career. I am confidant that interior designers will continue to benefit from the work of the ASID Foundation, and I am pleased to contribute so that future goals can be met.” -Robert Wright, FASID

Members Give through American Express

Members Give Online allows you to make a donation using your American Express® Card or, if you are enrolled in the Membership Rewards® program, you can redeem your points for a donation.
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Give Now!

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