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Program Overview

ASID Leadership Academy Program  

Online Tracking for ASID Members

The development of The Leadership Academy was made possible by the support of the Norman & Elaine Polsky Family Foundation.

Leadership Academy FAQ

Leadership is frequently cited as the most important skill for business in the 21st century. According to a 2012 survey by Deloitte Consulting, 77 percent of corporate respondents believe that leadership development is a “very important” factor in the success of their organization, with 56 percent predicting they will soon face shortages of leadership talent. The leadership training and development opportunities provided by ASID to its volunteer leaders have long been cited by recipients as a major catalyst for both professional and personal growth. Now, through the generous support of the ASID Foundation, the ASID leadership “DNA” has been mapped and made available to all ASID members through the new ASID Leadership Academy. The old myth about individuals being “born leaders” has been repeatedly disproved; everyone has the ability to increase their leadership skills.

Developed with the guidance of a leadership development consultant to numerous Fortune 500 companies,  this program provides a roadmap for building your leadership capacity, whether you seek to advance in ASID volunteer leadership roles or apply these skills to your career. The Leadership Academy is focused around four central leadership competencies: Engaging People, Understanding and Leveraging Organizational Information, Demonstrating Strategic Perspective and Serving as an Organizational Advocate. Each of these four competencies is further defined by a number of sub-competencies that, once mastered, collectively represent proficiency of each major competency area.

The document below details the Leadership Academy curriculum. It’s large, but don’t be intimidated. The curriculum is aimed at three different levels of leadership — Chapters, Society Councils and Committees and ASID National Board members. While these developmental actions are presented in the context of an ASID leadership experience, they are generally transferrable to a variety of professional and volunteer positions. 

The leadership competencies and sub-competencies are the same at each level. What changes as one progresses through the program are the development actions prescribed for each sub-competency.  Think of each level as a building block. As one moves from a chapter leadership role to a council or committee and to the national Board, the leadership skills gained build upon each other and their application becomes more nuanced and complex.

You can document and track your developmental actions through an online tracking system on And over the coming months, ASID will be developing a list of resources and recommendations for members to begin completing the curriculum. Not all the curriculum will be developed by ASID. Some programming will be delivered as part of Chapter Leadership Training, others will be web-based, and other portions will be self-directed learning with guidance to resources in your community.

“I believe that our longevity as a profession and our effectiveness as an organization is dependent on our ability to lead.

The ASID Leadership Academy creates opportunities for our members to learn, practice and evolve individual leadership skills in service to ASID and one’s individual practice. I cannot imagine a more relevant and valuable member benefit that the opportunity to become a better leader.” - Sari Graven, FASID 

ASID Leadership Academy Example 

1.What is the ASID Leadership Academy program?
The ASID Leadership Academy  program was developed to help you determine and obtain the necessary leadership skills to achieve your desired leadership goals. The program is organized in three sections: chapter, council committees and task force and national board. Each level has four key competencies which are also broken down into sub-competencies. You do not need to complete all development actions within each sub-competency for achievement; the list is provided to help you identify areas of growth.

2.How do I start the Leadership Academy?
The Leadership Academy is a progressive program, and it is recommended that everyone start at the beginning.  Starting with the chapter leadership level, assess where you are within the program by evaluating the program against your education and leadership experience. Once you have established where your leadership skills are, identify the next level of leadership for achievement and create a plan using the suggested development actions for each competency within the level.

3.How long will the program take to complete?
There is no defined time to complete the Leadership Academy, as it is a self-directed program and the experience and goals of each participant will vary.

4.How do I demonstrate achievement?
An online tracking system is being developed and will be accessible to ASID members beginning June 2013. The online tracking system will help you keep track of your accomplishments, and help inform leaders of potential nominees for volunteer leadership opportunities within ASID. Members will access the system through their MY ASID page on Through the online system, one can detail how developmental actions were accomplished, when the action was completed and upload any supporting documents. All information will be stored in the member’s record and can easily be accessed anytime.

5.Can I use past experiences and education?
Yes, any previous relevant experience or education can be used to demonstrate achievement for any level within the Leadership Academy. 

6.What is the total cost associated with completing the program?
There is no inherent cost to participate in the Leadership Academy, all costs associated with the program will depend on how individuals choose to complete the recommended education. The total cost of completing the program will vary greatly with each participant. The cost will largely depend on previous experience, individuals goals within the program and access to leadership programs. ASID will do its best to help members locate affordable resources. 

7.How will this help me outside of ASID?
The Leadership Academy was created to serve as a member benefit focused on leadership and professional development. While the program is organized by volunteer levels at ASID, all aspects of the program cover a range of leadership skills — including public speaking, strategic thinking, mentoring and risk assessment —  that easily translate to leadership skills which can be applied to one’s professional career.

8.How to I access the online tracking system?
You can access the tracking system through your MY ASID page on by selecting “Leadership Academy” under the Spotlight section located in the center of the page. The expected launch date for the system is late June 2013. 

9.What is the color code?
The Leadership Academy program, and all related materials, is structured around a color code for ease of use.

Blue – Chapter Leadership

Yellow – Council, Committee and Task Force Leadership

Red – National Board Leadership

10.Where can I find learning resources to complete the program?
Located in the back of the Leadership Academy program document is a list of resources. While the list is not exhaustive, it includes some great places to begin. Other places to consider are local or online universities. In addition to these outside resources, ASID will be preparing courses directly relating to the program for all members to access. Throughout the year, ASID will feature the experiences of Leadership Academy  participants, in part sharing where they have found useful resources.

11.What is the relation of this program to ASID leadership opportunities?
The Leadership Academy was developed with the volunteer leadership opportunities in ASID as the framework. All future nominations and selections for leadership positions in the Society will be related to this program. The online tracking system will help inform leaders of potential nominees and their leadership accomplishments.  However, participation in the  Leadership Academy is no guarantee of selection for any ASID leadership position.

12.Do I have to complete all development actions listed in the program?
You do not need to complete all development actions within each sub-competency for achievement; the list is provided to help you identify areas of growth and spark ideas on how you can demonstrate achievement.

13.How do I let my know chapter know that I am interested in serving as a volunteer leader?
If you are interested in serving as a volunteer leader in your chapter, you should contact any member of your chapter board of directors or your chapter administrator and let them know you are interesting in working on a committee or task force.  Chapter board members are always looking for new members to serve in a wide range of volunteer opportunities. 

You can document and track your developmental actions through an online tracking system on All ASID members will be able to access the system through your MY ASID page on by selecting “Leadership Academy” under the Spotlight section located in the center of the page. Go to

The Leadership Academy program provides a number of suggested development actions for individuals to undertake for achievement. Some actions can be completed independently and others require formal education or outside resources. Click here to view a sample profile and leadership plan. 

Download the complete ASID Leadership Academy Program and begin your development plan today.

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